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Aptoide – The first App Store for iOS and Android

A more innovative, free, and fair mobile ecosystem with more distribution and monetization opportunities for developers.

First and only distribution platform on iOS and Android

Aptoide is a one-stop solution for all your distribution needs and ambition. We are the first and only distribution platform to offer developers both iOS and Android distribution. You can distribute your games across all platforms and have real-time analytics.

Superior revenue share model

Aptoide provides alternative access to higher value users on iOS, which has over 100 million users in the EU. Our unmatched revenue share models offer 80/20 on store revenue share for top developers and a 90/10 direct to consumer revenue share.

An experienced, trusted partner

With years of experience in alternative distribution on Android, Aptoide is now bringing this expertise to iOS. You can work with a deeply experienced and trusted partner who understands the nuances of both platforms.

First mover opportunity

The Aptoide iOS app store and billing solution gives you much more flexibility of distribution. Early adopters to iOS distribution will gain a critical competitive advantage in the ecosystem. The iOS Aptoide Store is ready to go and will provide a unique first-mover opportunity from March 2024.

What can Aptoide - Catappult do for you?

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Freedom of choice for Users!

What can users expect once more fair regulations are put into action?

More access and more choice of products and services

The DMA prohibits gatekeepers from self-preferencing their own services over those of third-party providers. Users get more choice to access digital services, because smaller and newer businesses will have a better chance of providing alternative products and services.

Improved data protection and privacy

The DMA requires gatekeepers to obtain explicit consent from users before collecting, using and sharing their data. This will give users more control over their personal information and help to protect them from data breaches.

Greater transparency from gatekeepers

The DMA requires gatekeepers to provide more transparency about their algorithms and other practices that affect users. This allows users to understand how their data is being used and to make informed decisions about the services they choose.

An easier way to switch between digital services

The DMA gives users the right to take their data with them when they switch between digital services. This data portability makes it much simpler for users to switch to new services without losing access to their data.

A stronger voice in the digital market

The DMA establishes a new complaint mechanism that users can use to report viola- tions of the DMA. This gives users a stronger, more reliable channel to voice their concerns and seek solutions and compensation for any harm they have suffered.

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